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'Twelve' - CD (album) - 2019

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CD for the 2019 released album 'Twelve'.

Between 2017 and 2018 Unsung Lilly set themselves the challenge to write, record and release 12 songs in 12 months, so that they could then combine all 12 songs (along with 2 extra bonus tracks) into an album.

'We somehow managed to choose one of the most volatile political years in recent history to do this challenge and record the album - so that has undoubtedly influenced us in a big way!' - Sera

'I feel like we really found our sound with this album. There's a lot of layers, mixed with epic sounds and anthemic, empowering melodies to sing along to...' - Frankie

Track listing:

  1. Hear Us Roar
  2. Let Yourself Go
  3. Its You & Me
  4. Stories
  5. Stop The Clock
  6. No Holding Back
  7. Too High
  8. In The Dark
  9. Hurt To Know
  10. I AM
  11. Queen of Tomorrow
  12. Pendulum
  13. Fighting Ghosts (Bonus Track)
  14. Fly (Bonus Track)

Physical CD - Cardboard case

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