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LIMITED EDITION - 'BE' - CD (album) - 2014

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Limited edition - Unsung Lilly's first full album 'BE' from 2014. There are only a few left of these in print and the album is no longer available digitally, so this is VERY limited edition and only for the dedicated super fan! Recorded as the original 5 piece line-up, 'BE' is a stylistic concoction featuring the very first songs the band ever wrote and recorded.

Track Listing:

  1. Time Changes Minds
  2. Happy
  3. Just Be
  4. Always Be There
  5. Silence
  6. Caught Up In A Moment
  7. Everything I Try
  8. She Used To Cry Sometimes
  9. Situation
  10. My Favourite Place
  11. Let Us Be
  12. Do They Know
  13. I Ain't Got The Blues
  14. I Remember

Physical CD - Jewel Case

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