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British band Unsung Lilly, other wise known as (wife and wife) Sera & Frankie, are back with a series of Summer retro-pop song releases, with an album to follow later in 2021. Evolving on from their previous album of epic anthems titled 'Twelve', Unsung Lilly's new material is inspired by nostalgic influences such as Prince, and Chaka Khan. 

'We wrote this album throughout lockdown,' explains Frankie. 'We really found ourselves craving the comfort of those old nostalgic artists and songs from the 70s and 80s, and I think this had a big influence on our writing for this record.'

'Long before we were a couple, Frankie and I bonded over our love of oldskool music and spent many a night going through our vinyl collection with a glass or three of wine,' says Sera 'I think our music has probably always been influenced by this, but with this new album those sounds and vibes really come to the forefront of what we've created.' 

Married couple Sera & Frankie begun making music together back in 2012, and have spent the best part of the last decade developing their sound together, both in the UK and across the pond in California. Their message that ‘love knows no boundaries’ is one that has ignited thousands of their fans around the world. 

Multi-instrumentalist Frankie performs the majority of the instrumentation on the records, and self-produces the songs with a mix of epic modern sounds and layers, fused with an oldskool soulful feel, whilst Sera pens powerful and diverse lyrics.


With multiple TV, trailer and movie placements ('Katy Keene,' 'For the Love of George') under their belt, Unsung Lilly’s music has received independent radio play all over the world, and the girls have performed at some of the UK’s top festivals, including Belfast Pride, Guilfest, Weyfest, and Magic Summer live. 


After successfully completing a ’12 songs in 12 months’ challenge, where the girls wrote, recorded and released a song every month for a year between 2017-2018, their album 'Twelve' was released world wide on June 21st, 2019 (which features the twelve songs from the challenge plus two bonus tracks), followed by the powerful anthem 'Demons' later in 2019 (co-produced by Tim Sonnefeld and mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg). Demons was nominated for an independent music award in early 2020.

Unsung Lilly's new album is due for release in Autumn of 2021, following the release of two big Summer singles 'Hold My Hand' and 'Lose Myself', alongside a release of new cover 'Waiting for a star to fall' in August.

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